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Introducing Acroknight

Acroknight is the Caribbean’s answer to having a safe, secure and affordable, cross-platform data backup solution that provides continuous protection onsite and online for businesses and home users as well. Whether it’s protecting laptops data 24/7 or adding an extra layer of data protection for peace of mind and job security. Acroknight will provide disaster recovery protection while decreasing IT workload by allowing end-users the ability to restore files themselves.

With support for PC and Server backups, built-in support for common applications like Outlook, Exchange Server, SQL Server, SharePoint & MySQL, and the ability to interoperate between various operating systems, Acroknight can effectively power your Online Backup Services, however large... or small!

If your business lost it all, how much would it cost to recreate or recover the data? With Acroknight’s state-of-the-art technology, we ensure your business the ability to have:




  • Extensive scheduling options including continuous backup
  • High performance compression achieves up to 95% compressions
  • User configured (up to 448 bit) encryption key guarantees data privacy
  • Comprehensive reports & dashboards with email notification